Kai Hermsen

Kai Hermsen is the Co-CEO of Identity Valley and Co-Founder of the Charta of Trust at Siemens. He believes all people need to understand current digital topics and how they impact their lives, to enable trust in technology and good stewardship of our societies. He loves to engage in the conversation with other inspiring personalities and is fascinated by learning a bit more every day. With "Identity Valley" and all its partners, he actively drives the transition towards a more responsible digital space. This includes systemic change as well as concrete implementation projects along with the "Digital Responsibility Goals". Before, he has been working with Siemens, driving the multistakeholder initiative “Charter of Trust”, building a more cyber-secure digital environment. As a father of two, he is passionate about finding balance in life as the only way to fuel our best work and most rewarding personal lives.

Position: Co-CEO at Identity Valley