Amélie Jaques-Apke

Director General of EuropaNova Germany

Jaques-Apke, Amélie

Currently Director General of EuropaNova Germany, Amélie is a Political Analyst and Researcher with five years of experience in the public sector (Franco-German Office for Youth, French Parliament, Ministry of Interior, Delegation of the EU in Washington D.C.) and teaching experience at Sciences Po Paris. Her research focuses on illiberal practices in the EU (constitutional and political) during the Covid-19 crisis. Amélie grew up in Germany and France, studied International Affairs, security and diplomacy at Sciences Po Paris and King's College London. She worked and travelled in many countries, in North and Latin America as well as North Africa. Amélie is also very committed to the development of the NGO Zellidja, which distributes travel and research grants for young people. Her second on-field research project for the NGO deals with the Castro transition in Cuba.

Position: Director General of EuropaNova Germany

Session with Amélie Jaques-Apke: