Alistair Langer

Impact Wizard at Cocreation Foundation

Alistair is a strong proponent of the notion that inner transformation, by means of dedicated lifelong personal development, must go hand in hand with radical systemic change on the outside in order to allow for a thriving future for our grandchildren. For the past 14 years he has been bridging for-profit business models, social businesses and non-profit organizations. He detects possibilities and opportunities, manages projects, scouts and supervises teams, structures networks and expands into markets. Alistair is a conscious business activist with a serious crush on cutting edge thinking and modern solutions for a society in transformation.He was born in 1979 into a small community in the remote countryside of the Bavarian Forest. When Chernobyl happened in 1986, he realized that we will never achieve a truly peaceful and sustainable future for our grandchildren without changing from the inside out.

Position: Impact Wizard at Cocreation Foundation

Sessions with Alistair Langer:

Shaping the future: tools of cocreative governance design

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 | 2:45 – 4:15 PM (CET)