Adanna Shallowe

Adanna Shallowe is an accomplished relationship manager with more than 10 years' experience in the field of international affairs and development. She is currently the Senior Global Manager and is responsible for harnessing global insights in the RSA’s research and for the implementation of its global strategy. Previously, she was the project lead for an international skills development programme for UK youth aged 18 – 26 years. She also represented the UK in two international membership organisations; WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe. Adanna also held research positions on development initiatives for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and for the UNDP Caribbean Sub Regional Research Facility on their key practice areas on democratic governance, poverty reduction, disaster resilience and HIV/AIDS education and prevention. She is passionate about adult literacy, curious about the future and interested in how to inspire young people to envision a better global future.

Position: Senior Global Manager at the RSA