23 September, 2021

Toolbox Class: How to build unlikely but transformative alliances

How to build unlikely but transformative alliances

15 October 2021

02:00PM – 03:30PM (CEST)


Without the support of broad, cross-sectoral alliances, the indispensable transformations in the 2020s will not succeed. But how can activists, movements, organisations and institutions with different values and goals be brought together to facilitate social progress? In this interactive session, Panthea Lee, co-founder and executive director of Reboot will share first-hand experiences from her pioneer work in building unlikely coalitions. Together with the participants, she will discuss best practices and strategies for facilitating transformative alliances.

This interactive online workshop requires a separate sign-up. The toolbox class takes place via Zoom. Spots are limited to 20 per session.

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Co-founder and Executive Director of Reboot