23 September, 2021

Toolbox Class: How to bring EU citizen participation to the next level

How to bring EU citizen participation to the next level

15 October 2021

10:30AM – 12:00PM (CEST)


With the Conference on the Future of Europe, the EU launched an initiative for a broader involvement of citizens in EU decision-making processes. When Innocracy 2021 takes place, one of the core elements of the Conference, the European Citizens Panels, will be in full swing taking place online and in various cities across Europe. In this session, Daniela Vancic, Tristan Fuhrmann, and Dr Constantin Schäfer will share first-hand insights from their work in facilitating the Citizen Panels and draft concrete recommendations for future citizen participation on the EU level together with the workshop participants.

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This interactive online workshop requires a separate sign-up. The toolbox class takes place via Zoom. Spots are limited to 20 per session.

The Speakers

Senior Consultant at ifok GmbH
Project Manager and Consultant at ifok GmbH
European Program Manager at Democracy International