30 September, 2021

Stories of Democratisation

Stories of Democratisation

15 October 2021

01:00pm – 01:45pm (CEST)

Main Stage


When we think of processes of democratisation, we often think of big institutional restructuring processes on an (inter)national level. Yet, behind every democratisation process are people who carry personal stories of fighting for their rights in the name of democracy. What can we learn from the experiences of people who have taken part in processes of democratisation? This session offers a narrative space by presenting real-life cases of successes and failures of persons fighting to make our systems, politics, workplaces and cultural institutions more democratic. 

The Speakers

Asia division at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin
Dancer at Sasha Waltz & Guests, choreographer and educator
Dancer at Sasha Waltz & Guests
Member of the Works Council of Just Eat Takeaway