23 September, 2021

Lightning Talks: Democratising beyond the political

Democratising beyond the political

15 October 2021

10:30am – 12:00pm (CEST) 

Green Room


While children spend a significant amount of their time at school, around one-third of an adult’s lifetime takes place at the workplace. Yet, most schools and workplaces are still organised under the rule of non-democratic and hierarchical principles. This session explores how those institutions in which we spend most of our lifetime and which shape our experiences in the world, such as schools and workplaces, can be substantially improved by democratising them. The two speakers will offer a visionary outlook on concrete proposals of how we can meet some of the greatest challenges to our societies by giving children and workers the power of experiencing that their decisions have a democratic impact.

Co-designed and supported by:

(Referat Demokratie, Gesellschaft & Innovation)

The Speakers

Political Advisor and Expert on the Future of Work
Founder of the Premium Cola Collective
Psychologist and Expert on Digital Participation and Education at Aula App D64 e.V.

Chaired by

Member of the German Bundestag, Alliance 90 / The Greens and Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum