14 Oktober, 2020

Embodiment – Shifting from individual attention to attention outwards

Embodiment – Shifting from individual attention to attention outwards


28 October 2020

4:45 PM – 6:15 PM (CET)

How can you connect to the world – and explore future visions of democracy – when you are not connected to yourself? Our bodies speak their own language and constantly seek to feel as alive and fluid as possible. Even in online conferences! While our brains work hard on leaving fixed ideas behind, our bodies enable us to more quickly open up to new possibilities. In this workshop, we will shift our attention from our minds and ideas to the body. Through physical exercises, we will explore what changes, if we first look inwards and expand ourselves, before moving outwards – connecting to the following keynote “From ego to eco: How can we move from individual mindfulness to systemic transformation?” by Otto Scharmer. 

This workshop will be framed with reflections from the broad experience of Sasha Waltz & Guests’ program “Zuhören – Third Space for Art and Politics” – bringing collective processes into action that combine body, brain and heart. And, a form of listening that involves the whole body.

The workshop takes place via Zoom. Spots are limited.

Sorry! This workshop is fully booked. 

The Hosts

Dancer and somatic practitioner