28 September, 2021

Democratising the city

Democratising the City

15 October 2021

04:00pm – 05:30pm (CEST)

Main Stage


Cities are dynamic networks brimming with social, economic and political life. Yet, how inclusive and reflective are these spaces of everyday people’s interests and needs? This session will look at how several core aspects of modern urban life, specifically personal data, housing, and the effects of climate change can be improved by democratising decision-making at the local and city level. The four speakers will give concrete examples of how some of the most significant challenges to our societies can be met by cities – and the communities that reside in them.

The Speakers

Research Associate for Open Data at Technologiestiftung Berlin
Deputy Director for Policy and Research at the Center for NYC Neighborhoods
Principal Planner for the City of Alexandria
Project Manager at Das Progressive Zentrum