23 September, 2021

Democratising EU institutions

Democratising EU institutions

15 October 2021

02:00pm – 03:30pm (CEST)

Red Room


EU institutions are in need of a democratic reform. Yet, there seems to be an institutional reform deadlock on multiple levels. This session examines how the functioning of several core aspects of the European project such as European political parties, the European Central Bank and the Commission and Parliament can be drastically improved in their legitimacy and functioning by (re)democratising them. The three speakers will offer a visionary outlook on concrete proposals of how the institutional deadlocks of the European Union can be mitigated by democratising them.

The Speakers

Executive Director of Positive Money Europe
Policy Fellow for EU Institutions and Democracy at the Jacques Delors Centre
Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre and Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum