29 September, 2020

Backcasting Digital Europe 2030: How to make a vision become reality

Backcasting: how to make a vision become reality

Future Studies Toolbox

28 October 2020

2:45 PM – 4:15 PM (CET)

In this Future Studies Toolbox Class, you will learn about a fascinating example of scenario construction and experience hands-on how a positive vision of the future can be used to derive successful political narratives – and courses of action – beginning in the present. Using the example of possible future developments of Europe’s public sphere and its digital sovereignty, you will learn about “backcasting” as an approach to develop possible courses of action from the present into the future.

The workshop takes place on Zoom. Spots are limited.

Sorry! This workshop is fully booked.

The Hosts

Political Advisor and Entrepreneur
Head of Europe Programme at Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
Project Manager at Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft